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Ulyanovsk Oblast is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast). It is located in the Volga Federal District. Its administrative center is Ulyanovsk, named for Vladimir Illyich Lenin's family name Ulyanov. Area: 37,300 kmĀ²; population: 1,382,811. The Ulyanovsk oblast is located in the zones of wooded plain and broad-leaved scaffolding. More than half of Ulyanovsk Oblast's residents live in the two industrial cities Ulyanovsk and Dmitrovgrad; the rest of the region is largely agricultural steppe. The protected areas are found on the territory of the region: National Park Sengiley Mountains, the guarding zone of state preserve Volga wooded plain, the monuments of nature Undory mineral source, relict scaffolding etc. It is fairly easy to get to Ulyanovsk via Moscow on the daily overnight train (16 hours) or by plane (1.5 hours).

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