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Tula Oblast is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast) with its present borders formed on September 26, 1937. Its administrative center is the city of Tula. It has an area of 25,700 kmĀ² and a population of 1,675,758. Located beyond the reach of Moscow's cosmopolitan and capitalist forces, Tula Oblast is for visitors to the real Russia. The region's major tourist attractions are decidedly "Russian": Tolstoy's estate at Yasnaya Polyana and the birthplace of modern Russia in the battlefields of Kulikovo. The capital, Tula, is also a great "Russian'' stop for its beautiful samovars and kremlin, and avoids the tourist hordes that descend upon Moscow's Red Square. The Tula region is famous for its pryaniki honey gingerbread cookies best eaten with tea.

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