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Murmansk Oblast is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast), located in the north-western part of Russia. Its administrative center is the city of Murmansk (area 144,900 sq km/55,946 sq mi; population 1,048,000 (92% urban)). Geographically it is located mainly on the Kola Peninsula, and it is a part of the larger Lapland region that spans over four countries. Murmansk Oblast borders Karelia, Finnmark County in Norway and Lapland Province in Finland. Norrbotten County in Sweden is also located nearby. The northern area is within the Arctic Circle, with periods of constant daylight (27 May-18 June) and darkness (10 December-8 January). Murmansk Oblast is of interest to a tourist mostly for its novelty value; it is located in Russia's extreme north, above the Arctic Circle, and is relatively easy to get to from Saint Petersburg. The easiest way to get in is via Murmansk's airport, which serves flights to/from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Arkhangelsk.

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