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Kaliningrad Oblast is a federal subject (an oblast) of Russia on the Baltic coast. Kaliningrad Oblast forms the westernmost part of the Russian Federation, but it has no land connection to the rest of Russia. Its largest city and the administrative center is Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad Oblast is interesting in that it is situated between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea, physically separated from the rest of Russia. According to the 2002 Census the population of the region was 955,281 (78% urban; 22% rural). Kaliningrad Oblast is the fourth most densely populated in the Russian Federation, with 62.5 persons per sq.km. Kaliningrad Oblast has a small international airport, so you may need to fly into Lithuania (Vilnius), Poland) or Finland and take a bus or ferry to Kaliningrad. -Local KD-Avia is flying to several European cities, this is the easiest way to get into Kaliningrad.

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